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The New Lure for Catching Game Fish in the Surf

Double Trouble is a new way to maximize hook ups while fishing weedless. It is hand assembled, comprised of two jig heads and two white curly tail grubs. The strategic double hook orientation improves your hook up rate when compared to traditional weedless options. The plastics themselves are lovingly made by local bait maker John Wheeler. For $17.95, two fully assembled Double Troubles and two additional plastics are included (that’s a total of six plastics and four jig heads).


Double Trouble weighs 3/8 oz, which is the best all-around weight for lure fishing the surf in Southern California. It thrives in any environment with significant snags, including lakes and rivers. With Double Trouble, it's simply easier to hook fish even if your technique isn't perfect. Shipping is free. Ships in 1 to 2 business days.

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