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Why choose us:

We’ve been catching sheephead, halibut, calico bass, rockfish, cabezon, and white seabass from the surf for years. It’s been a joy figuring out how these fish behave, resulting in catches that push the boundaries of surf fishing. After a number of personal bests in 2022, we’re ready to take you to the beach and show you exactly how we do it. All skill levels are welcome. However, if you’re not a strong proponent of catch and release, we humbly ask that you do not contact us. We have the utmost respect for the ecosystem, simultaneously believing that surf fishing is the ultimate recreation while valuing the life of each fish. Our Values page contains in depth explanations on the benefits of catch and release.

When you book a session with us, you’re learning how to catch whichever species you desire via a hands-on approach that caters to your experience level. We guide you step-by-step. Our primary goal, in addition to catching fish, is to leave you with a solid basis for targeting these fish on your own. We feel confident guiding anywhere from San Diego to Santa Barbara. All the gear you need is provided, as well as snacks and water. Let’s have some fun!

Why Bait & Wait:

With bait & wait, you catch calico bass, sheephead, rockfish, and cabezon. During the first few months of the year, bottom fish can only be legally targeted from the surf. It is a unique opportunity to catch these fish (sheephead, rockfish, cabezon) when you are not legally allowed to do so from boats. With bait & wait, equipment is on the heavier side. Once we take you to the spot, you’re more or less situated for the entire session. This form of fishing is more based on power than finesse, bringing fish in through heavy structure. Bite is consistent year round.

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Why Lures:

With lure fishing, you catch two of the most prized fishes in all of Southern California: halibut and white seabass. Calico bass also actively attack lures, especially in the heat of summer.  This form of fishing is significantly more finesse than bait & wait. Gear is lighter. Lure fishing is best suited to the fisherman that wants to actively explore the beach, casting into pockets where halibut and white seabass corner bait.  Bite is most consistent in Summer and Fall.

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Our rate is $500 per 4-hour session (up to two people per session). Every session will have both my brother and I guiding you. Let us know what days you’re free, what you want to catch, and we’ll pick the best window to find the fish. It’s all about catering the experience to your needs, so feel free to send us any additional comments in the form below. We’ll get right back to you. Tight lines.

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Our Background

We are twin brothers with Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Our decision to guide came when we received interest after sharing our catches on Instagram. Feel free to browse our latest catches or reach out to us at if you have any questions at all.  

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