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We are licensed DFW Fishing Guides. Our book California Surf Fishing: The Hunt for Big Fish teaches you exactly how to target halibut, sheephead, calico bass, white seabass, and rockfish from the surf.
  • In depth explanations of where fish congregate and how to target them.
  • Spot finding made easy through a systematic approach for each species. 
  • Intuitive visuals and breakdowns of all the rigs and gear you need.
  • Proven to catch fish from San Diego to Santa Barbara County.
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OUR Surf Fishing Journey

Since 2017, my twin brother and I have spent countless hours fishing Southern California beaches in pursuit of game fish. Catch and release is a cornerstone of our values, keeping the ecosystem healthy for future generations. Our book teaches you exactly how to target white seabass, halibut, sheephead, and calico bass from shore. With our guiding service, we take you to the beach and put you on the fish ourselves. 


The journey began with a few small perch, and quickly transformed into a lifelong passion for targeting big fish from the surf. By focusing on the factors that affect fish behavior, we developed our two methods for consistently catching trophies. Those methods are now yours.​

Enjoy the book! If you have any questions, please reach out.

-Gary Kazazian & Kaspar Kazazian-

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1) All the gear we use, including links for easy purchasing through Amazon.

2) A video overview of our methods for catching fish. 

3) The first three pages of our Ebook.

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30" California Halibut, Spotfin Croaker, California Sheephead
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