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A comprehensive guide to catching white seabass, halibut, calico bass, sheephead, and rockfish from the surf.
  • In depth explanations of where fish congregate and how to target them.
  • Spot finding made easy through a systematic approach for each species. 
  • Intuitive visuals and breakdowns of all the rigs and gear you need.
  • Proven to catch fish from San Diego to Santa Barbara County.
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OUR Story

Since 2017, my twin brother and I have spent countless hours fishing the Southern California surf in pursuit of game fish. We're here to teach you everything we've learned. Trophy white seabass, halibut, sheephead, and calico bass are within reach. This book is a how to guide. 


What began as a casual hobby, with a few small perch, turned into a wonderful passion. We learned that there are indeed ways to target large game fish from shore. By focusing on the factors that affect fish behavior, we developed our two methods for consistently catching trophies. Those methods are now yours.

Enjoy the Ebook! If you have any questions, please reach out.

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1) All the gear we use, including links for easy purchasing through Amazon.

2) A video with our favorite lures for white seabass in action.

3) The first three pages of our Ebook.

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March 11, 2022

The bite in SoCal is heating up. Fishermen are catching legal halibut more regularly, and I personally caught four species at 20+" (calico bass, sheephead, spotfin croaker, and halibut) in the last two weeks. The pictured halibut was 27", and one of five I caught that hour. When halibut are in the shallows in numbers, it's a good idea to fish the same spot regularly until they retreat to deeper water.


In other news, grunion runs have begun, which means bigger fish will be making their way to the surf zone. Exciting times as we edge toward the summer season! 

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